How Okta’s Bug Bounty Program Augments Internal Testing and Delivers Incredible ROI

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For years now, Okta has been running a private bug bounty program with Bugcrowd to augment the capabilities of their internal team and have the ability to get access to a broader range of perspectives.

“Efficiency and effectiveness of the crowd is really why we bring them on… Because we have the crowd involved in the vulnerability management program, it’s helped in expanding of our team for a fraction of the cost. Now my internal resources are better utilized.”

– David Baker, CSO, Okta

To learn more about Okta’s success and future plans for product security and bug bounty programs, download the Okta Bug Bounty Case Study.

At Okta, we’re squarely focused on customer success. For my security team, that translates directly to customer security and assurance. Our private bug bounty program with Bugcrowd expanded coverage of my internal attack team by adding a solid bench of diversity and breadth of capabilities.
David Baker Chief Security Officer

Program Facts

Program Type
Private Bug Bounty, Public Bug Bounty

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