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CrowdControl™ Integrations

Connect & Enhance
Your Current Business Processes

Streamline how your vulnerability data is actioned in the SDLC

Automatically generate JIRA tickets for valid vulnerabilities with a bi-directional JIRA integration.

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Advanced Field Mapping
JIRA is very customizable. This integration enables you to map to all of your custom fields, and define persisting update strategy.

Multi-Project Support
Assign issues to teams by type. JIRA for Crowdcontrol enables you to persist this multi-segment structure into your vulnerability management lifecycle.

Bi-directional Auto-Creation & Resolution
When issues are opened or closed on either platform, the status will automatically persist to the other, ensuring alignment between both.

Streamline workflow between security & development to speed response and scale your program.

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Multi Repository Support
Push Crowdcontrol submitted and validated vulnerabilities to a single or multiple GitHub repositories as needed, as well as persist the mapping of the GitHub issues within Crowdcontrol, so as to link the submission across both platforms.

Self-Service Setup
Work on your schedule. Setup and manage how you like, when you like with self-service setup and control.

Seamless handoff to engineering.

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Multi Object Support
Multi-instance support for various ServiceNow setups.

Self-Service Setup
Setup and manage how you like, when you like.

Communicate updates to project manage more effectively

Automatically receive notifications on critical program activities to take action quickly.

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Manage broader vulnerability-related projects with our Trello integration.

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Change how you visualize and prioritize your entire threat landscape

Share vulnerability data across platforms, centralizing vulnerability management.

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Don’t see the integration you need to enhance your business processes? Use our robust API to build your own!

Bugcrowd API

As you create submissions, move states, pay, or perform any number of operations, Crowdcontrol ensures you’re able to slice, segment, push, and present the data the way you need to meet your own business objectives.

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Featured Report

Priority One Report

The Priority One Report provides an inside look into crowdsourced security trends in 2019, as well as a deep dive into emerging and critical vulnerabilities found over the previous year.

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