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Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform

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Defend Against Cyber Attacks With Data, Technology, and Human Intelligence

In most organizations, fragmented and short-staffed cybersecurity environments have left critical systems vulnerable to being blind-sided by cyber attacks. Despite the billions of dollars collectively spent to date, “security” seems like a temporary achievement, leaving business and security leaders frustrated and exhausted.

At Bugcrowd, we believe that the right response to this new Cybersecurity Crisis goes beyond technology—it’s also a data and a human problem. That’s why the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform is the ideal solution in today’s digital-first world where frustrated security leaders are under constant siege.

This ebook offers an overview of how the Bugcrowd Platform orchestrates data, technology, and human intelligence to:

  • Seamlessly integrate the best security researchers in the world with your security workflows, while matching precisely the right trusted researchers to your goals, environment, and use cases at the right time
  • Apply collective knowledge about assets, targets, vulnerabilities, environments, and remediation steps from experiences with 1000s of customer solutions for best outcomes
  • Ensure that issues are rapidly validated and triaged, allowing you to assess, prioritize, and remediate as quickly as possible
  • Deeply integrate the platform with your software development life cycle so that products and APIs can be continuously tested before they ship
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