Taking Back Pen Tests

Pen Tests show external entities that you care about security. At least that’s often what we typically use them for. Whether it’s a customer, partner, or auditor, this is one of the most accessible standards for demonstrating the security of your web apps, APIs, network, etc. The blueprint for execution has gotten a little stale,

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Hacker Spotlight: Ambassador Arne Swinnen

With the recent launch of the Bugcrowd Ambassador program, we will share stories from our global hacker community. This week we’re putting the Spotlight on Arne Swinnen a Bugcrowd Ambassador in Belgium. Feel free to follow Arne on Twitter @arneswinnen When Arne was around 12-years-old he became interested in computers and video games. He would

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Platform Update: Image Embedding Live

At Bugcrowd, our researchers pride themselves on submitting well-written, detailed reports that allow customers to easily understand the impact of the vulnerability discovered. Today we’re taking a big step forward in this process and have updated the Bugcrowd Crowdcontrol platform to support image embedding in a researcher’s bug submission! Over the past year we increasingly

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Open Source Software Security

As the amount of software powering our lives continues to increase, developers are churning out code faster. While this makes consumers’ lives easier, we still need to bake in security well before code is released. With consumers demanding more, companies are being pushed to release new features faster. Add to this the move to DevOps

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March 2019 Hall of Fame

Bugcrowd is excited to announce our March 2019 Hall of Fame winners. Here are the Hall of Fame winners! Mikee rocked first place with 660 points! todayisnew crushed it and came in 2nd place with 585 points, and the Private user took 3rd place with 300 points. Bugcrowd would like to thank our top performers by

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ESG Report: Crowdsourced Security Making Waves

Last week we released the ESG Research Insights Report, Security Leadership Study – Trends in Application Security, revealing what CISOs are looking to prioritize in the year to come. With the ever-expanding threat landscape and increasingly sophisticated adversaries, organizations are looking to proactive approaches to security. In fact, the report indicated a notable increase in

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Researcher Spotlight: Ambassador Hagai Sason

With the launch of the Bugcrowd Ambassador program, we’re regularly sharing stories from our global hacker community. This week we’re putting the Spotlight on Hagai Sason, a Bugcrowd Ambassador in Israel. Feel free to follow on Twitter @HagaiSason When Hagai was a kid he enjoyed playing puzzles to challenge his mind. His affinity for mind

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New Platform Feature – Advanced Program Search

Today we are launching Advanced Program Search on the Programs list page, an expansive search feature that allows researchers to more easily surface programs that suit their interests. This feature leverages the tokenized search functionality that we have in other places in the app, such as a researcher’s Submissions page. Using 10+ filter keys, a

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