Bug Bytes for December 14: Big Bugs, Evidence of Nation-State Threats and the Rise of Ethical Hacking

Top FBI official warns of strategic threat from China through economic and other forms of espionage, the Washington Post reported this week. A senior FBI official on Wednesday said that Chinese economic espionage as well as efforts to steal U.S. research and influence American discourse amount to “the most severe counterintelligence threat” facing the United

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Hacker Spotlight – Rachel Tobac

This week we’re putting the Spotlight on Rachel Tobac — hacker, CEO & Co-founder of SocialProof Security where she helps people and companies keep their data safe by training and pen testing them on social engineering risks. Rachel was also a winner of DEF CON’s wild spectator sport, the Social Engineering Capture the Flag contest,

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2019 Inside the Mind of a Hacker Report Reveals Gender Imbalance, Hacker Education and Highest Paid Crowds

Today we released the 2019 edition of the Inside the Mind of a Hacker Report, highlighting the makeup of the bug hunting community to provide insight and understanding into who they are, what they like to do, their experiences, skillsets, as well as what motivates them. In the 2019 edition, we look at gender imbalance,

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ARK and Bugcrowd Go Hunting!

This post originally appeared on ARK’s blog. ARK is pleased to announce the acquisition of security and penetration testing services from Bugcrowd — the planet’s premier crowd sourced security platform! Highly skilled and trusted white hat hackers from all over the world will try to breach the ARK hull and attempt to expose vulnerabilities before they pose

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November 2018 Hall of Fame

First, we would like to take a moment to address some valid concerns around point calculation and current leaderboards. When we took the next step to evolve our incentivization systems by removing the point-based leaderboards and implementing the overall P1-P4 paid programs leaderboard to encourage and reinforce bug hunters to continue to improve their skills,

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The Biggest Bugs in 2018 and What’s to Come

The global security threat outlook evolves with each coming year — there is a growing number of ways known vulnerabilities can be exploited to damage businesses and individuals. Attackers take advantage of different vulnerabilities for different reasons depending on the business model. Regardless of the why and how, there is no doubt that there is

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