So much of security is reactive. New challenges and attack surfaces come up constantly, and organizations have to scramble to find a new solution for each challenge. This scramble takes time, resources, and budgets that already over-extended security teams do not have.

This is where the beauty of crowdsourced security comes in. By nature, crowdsourced security is the only security solution that has the scale and agility to stay ahead of whatever the next big challenge is. By combining human ingenuity and AI-powered technology, organizations don’t have to scramble to chase new solutions for new problems. Whatever tomorrow’s challenge is, crowdsourced security allows you to stay ahead. 

The crowdsourced security market includes many different vendors and solution types, and it can be confusing trying to figure out how to leverage crowdsourced security to solve today’s cybersecurity challenges. The Bugcrowd Platform offers our customers a modern approach to crowdsourced security that works to tackle their cybersecurity challenges proactively.  

I’ve had the privilege of speaking to many Bugcrowd customers over the years, and in my conversations with these talented security professionals, I’ve found several trends have emerged. Many customers were previously dealing with similar challenges and pain points, citing the Bugcrowd Platform as a winning solution for their teams. Let’s jump into some of the trends that I’ve noticed come up frequently when discussing why so many organizations decide to make the switch to Bugcrowd. Five of the most common reasons why customers continue to trust the Bugcrowd Platform for their cybersecurity challenges include:

  • SaaS platform built for multiple use cases
  • Crowd management
  • Engineered triage at scale
  • Security program management
  • Customer success and satisfaction

SaaS platform built for multiple use cases

​​It all starts with the Bugcrowd Platform. Years ago, Bugcrowd built a multi-solution SaaS platform that combines technology, data, and engineered services to bring the value of crowdsourcing to pen testing, attack surface management, and other goals as customer needs evolve–going far beyond bug bounty and VDP use cases.  We’ve built the industry’s richest graph of security knowledge over a decade, full of millions of data points, enabling us to build contextual intelligence into all Bugcrowd solutions.  

Crowd management

One of the best examples of core platform services is our proprietary CrowdMatch AI technology. Some vendors boast about having more hackers participating in their programs, but this is generally an irrelevant data point because most hackers hunt on multiple platforms. What matters is whether your provider can source the right hackers for the job, when you need them. We use data developed over a decade of experience to source and activate hackers with precisely the right skill sets and experience for your programs, boosting engagement and critical findings by 102% compared to legacy methods.  

Engineered triage at scale

Bugcrowd treats triage as an engineered, not consulting-based, effort that combines specialized human talent (all in-house, no 3rd parties), advanced tools, deep vulnerability intelligence, and intelligent workflows in an extremely complementary way. Despite what some providers will tell you, managed triage is not optional. Rather, it’s foundational for long-term success in crowdsourced security. Bugcrowd makes triage a core competency of its platform. Our engineered approach provides rapid intake, validation, and prioritization of all your vulnerabilities—even during a global/Log4j-scale incident. Our earned reputation for fast, accurate triage that satisfies customers as well as hackers speaks volumes. With presence in 11 countries worldwide, 24/7 tracking of P1 issues, one day of average time to touch for P1 issues, and 500+ submissions triaged per day, Bugcrowd’s triage machine is unmatched in the market.  

Security program management

We recently introduced a transition to a new, next-generation approach to security program management that will dramatically amplify the value you get from our platform—and from crowdsourced security, overall. This next-generation approach to security program management has numerous benefits, including flexibility for meeting more requirements, ability to mirror how your organization operates, reduced administration time, and richer, more comprehensive reporting. As for Bugcrowd, this will allow us to drive data-driven innovation, powerful crowdsourced security use cases, and faster time-to-market of requested capabilities, helping you tap into the power of the crowd in exciting new ways.

Security Program Management addresses use cases such as:

  • “Our organization has multiple departments and BUs—how would we manage all our assets, across all products?”
  • “Can submissions be managed in a way that supports mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and reorgs?”
  • “How do we manage assets/submissions across their lifecycle, irrespective of which engagement (pen test, bug bounty, etc) the submission came in through?”
  • “How can I do multiple engagements/repeat engagements without having to reinvent the wheel every time?”

Customer success and satisfaction

Bugcrowd views all its customers as long-term partners, each of which is on a unique journey. We’ve designed the customer experience to support that need at every step—and we hear about a need for improvement, we respond. Check out our blog post on how organizations partner with our customer success team to learn more. I need not say anything more here but you can get a flavor it from a few customer quotes left via G2 reviews:

  • “The Bugcrowd team and community is fantastic. I highly recommend using Bugcrowd for bug bounty, vulnerability disclosure, and pen testing programs.”
  • “The team does a great job laying out the steps it takes to recreate what the researchers find if we have any difficulty. Our account reps are also great to work with. Very knowledgeable, quick to respond, great guidance.”
  • “The customer support team goes above and beyond to ensure our bug bounty program is successfully implemented and has a high efficiency and satisfaction rate with researchers.”
  • “Bugcrowd Support is fantastic, with the team always at the end of a slack message, email, or phone call.”

Time and time again, security teams continue to trust Bugcrowd with their cybersecurity challenges. We understand that our customers have a choice when it comes to cybersecurity, however, we hope to make Bugcrowd an easy decision. If you’re interested in learning more about the Bugcrowd Platform, you can take a quick, 5-minute tour