Bugcrowd is a platform that constantly attracts first-class researchers who work tirelessly to discover and resolve complex bugs. Occasionally a researcher stands out and reaches a level of excellence that deserves recognition. We’re thrilled to announce the MVP Winners for 2022! 

What is the Bugcrowd MVP Program? Our MVP program recognizes hackers that consistently bring their A-game across Bugcrowd bounty programs. Reaching MVP status is no small feat as it requires them to stay at the top of the priority percentiles for the entire quarter. At the end of each quarter, we review all of our platform submissions to see how each Researcher compares to the rest of the crowd. Those that make it to the top of the quarter become an MVP and are sent exclusive swag rewards to celebrate their achievement. 



Let’s not waste any more time. Help us celebrate the those that received MVP status for two or more quarters! 


Researchers with 4 MVP Quarters in 2022

Researchers with 3 MVP Quarters in 2022

Researchers with 2 MVP Quarters in 2022

Every year, the Bugcrowd team is in awe of the exceptional technical skills and remarkable submissions from our MVPs. We sincerely appreciate our MVPs for contributing to a safer internet. Once again, congratulations 2022 winners! Take a look at the cool swag this year’s warriors received!



(Please note: If your Bugcrowd Platform profile is set to “Private” it is not included in the lists above.Please ensure your profile is set to “Public” if you’d like to be included in future announcements.) 

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