Today is the first day of another Consumer Electronics Show–CES. Launched 50 years ago the show has been the place to see the latest gadgets, but over the last several years the scope of the show has grown. From cars to drones to personal fitness devices, the show once named for the consumer “electronics” it showcased now features all things consumer technology. 

Of course, this explosion has been in many ways powered by the Internet. As a result, the vast majority of products on display this week will be Internet of Things devices or IoT – essentially any device that connects to the internet.

When you think of IoT, you can’t just think about gadgets. Sure, your Fitbit is connected online but, so is your car, the traffic and power grids, security cameras, routers, alarm systems, door locks, central heating systems, pacemakers, etc. The connectivity of these “devices” has enabled major shifts in the way we work, play and live our lives. Unfortunately, the breakneck pace at which these devices are being developed paired with fervent adoption by consumers who are often unaware of the ramifications of this connectivity has created the perfect storm for security. Consequently, most IoT vendors are playing catch-up when it comes to security.

As the Head of Trust and Security at Bugcrowd, and a former member of the ‘crowd’ myself, I have firsthand experience identifying the vulnerabilities on these devices and I often discuss this topic with other security experts and customers. (Check out my recent podcast with two of Fitbit’s Senior Security Engineers.)

This week I’ll be at CES looking at products, talking to vendors and getting a sense of what’s to come this year regarding the security of new IoT devices on the market. Are vendors heeding the call to make security a priority or will consumer demand force vendors to push things to market before they’ve been fully tested? Follow me on Twitter (@Jhaddix) or the hashtag #HackerAtCES for live updates. 

I’ll also be wrapping up my thoughts in a comprehensive report after the show, so stay tuned!