My name is Luke Stephens. If you’re one of my internet mates, you probably know me better as hakluke. I’m very excited to join Bugcrowd as the Manager of Quality Assurance and Training. I could bore you with a bunch of details about myself but let’s be honest, you’re here to find out what my employment at Bugcrowd means for you. Whether you’re a hacker or program owner, my objective is to improve your experience on the platform. I’m excited to jump into the deep-end and lead the technical oversight with submission appeals, push toward faster triage times, and coordinate with the Bugcrowd marketing team to provide new technical and educational content for the community!

I’ll be a leading voice, alongside Michael Skelton (codingo) and a host of other technically strong and Senior Application Security Engineers, in Bugcrowd’s appeals* process. For those that aren’t aware, appeals allows a researcher to request a review of their submission from a senior Bugcrowd team member when they feel the outcome of the submission could have been different.

After spending significant time on bug bounties over the last couple of years as a Researcher, I know firsthand that one of the biggest pain points is waiting for submissions to be triaged. We’re always looking at areas to improve and in the near future, you can expect to see changes to the triage process that will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to go from submission to validation.

Finally, I am itching to tell you about all the plans we have to expand our community. For now, I can only say this: Join us! Bugcrowd is building the most supportive, knowledgeable and active hacker community on the internet. Whether you’re a total beginner or a battle-ready P1 warrior, you will benefit from being involved. The best way to get involved right now is to join our Discord server.

One of the things that will drive the success of these goals is frequent communication with the hacker community. If you ever encounter any issues or have any suggestions, I want to hear about it. Don’t think twice about messaging me. The best places to contact me are Discord, Twitter and Slack.

Looking forward to working with all of you.


*Opening an appeal is as easy as emailing your submission id to where it will be assigned to this team.