Social engineering is one of the most common attack vectors in infosec–it was the #1 threat reported in the 2021 State of Cybersecurity Survey by ISACA–and has led to some of the most infamous breaches in history. Defined as the use of phishing, pretexting, impersonation, and other manipulations to acquire personally identifiable information (PII), credentials, unauthorized access to accounts, or money from humans, social engineering targets a soft spot in the attack surface that can’t be defended by technology alone. In summary, it’s a serious threat you can’t afford to ignore.

Despite this risk, many organizations are surprisingly unprepared for social engineering, whether manifested by lack of organizational awareness, outdated or inconsistent identity verification protocols, shallow security practitioner skill sets, or all of the above. 

For that reason, we’re pleased to announce a strategic reseller partnership with SocialProof Security, furthering our mission to keep customers a step ahead of evolving cyber threats. As part of the partnership, Bugcrowd will resell SocialProof Security’s services, including social engineering prevention training, protocol review and practitioner workshops, and specialized penetration testing. 

With new Bugcrowd Social Engineering prevention services powered by SocialProof Security, you can:

  • Train all employees to notice and report attacks, and sharpen security practitioner skills
  • Strengthen identity verification methods to stop account takeover
  • Validate the effectiveness of training and protocol updates with a social engineering pen test

In addition to reselling social engineering training and pen testing, Bugcrowd offers customers the most complete cybersecurity portfolio on the market, including a multi-solution Security Knowledge Platform for pen testing as a service, bug bounty, vulnerability disclosure, and attack surface management. For example, Bugcrowd customers can now buy pen tests from a single provider for every use case – from basic assurance of simple web apps and networks, to continuous testing of cloud services and APIs, to social engineering.

Want to learn more? Save your seat for a Crowd Café AMA with hacker and SocialProof Security Co-founder/CEO Rachel Tobac, and hosted by Bugcrowd Founder and Chairman, Casey Ellis, on July 14, 2022. We look forward to seeing you!