Bugcrowd’s LinkedIn page just hit an exciting milestone…we hit 100k followers! To celebrate the security community sharing Bugcrowd’s mission, we asked our network to give us their best advice for someone interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. We received so many thoughtful responses that we couldn’t miss an opportunity to share them on our blog. 

Cybersecurity career advice

Continuous learning

“The ever-shifting landscape of cybersecurity demands a growth mindset! Cultivate an insatiable curiosity to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t be intimidated by the vastness of the field—there’s a niche waiting for you, whether it’s the thrill of penetration testing or the meticulous world of digital forensics. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cybersecurity community! Sharpen your skills through capture-the-flag competitions and virtual labs. Network with passionate professionals at industry events and online forums. Not only will you gain invaluable knowledge from their experiences, but you’ll forge connections that will propel you throughout your cybersecurity journey. After all, the best defense is a well-connected one!” – Debasish Maharana

“Learn something new every day.” – Iveta Pavlova

“Continuous learning is the cornerstone of success in cybersecurity. Start by mastering foundational concepts such as web vulnerabilities like XSS and IDOR, while also diversifying your skill set to include Active Directory pentesting, malware analysis, and more. Remember, cybersecurity is a dynamic field, so stay updated on the latest trends and technologies through certifications, conferences, and engaging with the community. With dedication and a holistic approach to learning, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Stay curious, stay vigilant, and keep hacking!” – Naveen Kumawat

“Always be opportunistic and actively seek constant learning. One common trait that I see great people have is the ability, and need, to always be learning.” – Paul McCarty

Build a solid foundation

“Never skip the basics.” – Nayeem Islam

“For newcomers in cybersecurity, mastering vulnerabilities like XSS is essential. Begin by grasping the theory from sources like PortSwigger, then practice on platforms like PortSwigger, PentesterLab, and TryHackMe. Build your own vulnerable environment, perhaps using PHP, to deepen [your] understanding while learning the technology behind it. Keep practicing, explore continuously, and ensure you understand the patching steps for mitigation. This holistic approach ensures a thorough understanding and practical skill development in cybersecurity, crucial for newcomers entering the field. These steps apply to learning various web vulnerabilities, forming a solid foundation in web security.” – Abdelkarim Mouchquelita

“Constantly update your skills, stay curious about emerging threats, and seek hands-on experience through internships, certifications, and practical projects. Building a strong foundation in networking, programming, and system administration will provide a solid base for success in this dynamic field. and in cybersecurity, if you want to do Bug Bounty then go to Bugcrowd.com. Always Bugcrowd 🧡” – Prasad Panchal

“First learn some basics (os, architecture and networking), then code (api projects, server configurations, client side scripting), then come and hack. Remember the quote, ‘learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.’ Happy hacking!” – Aayush Kumar Gupta

“You have no idea how important your notes are, keep them detailed and revert to them. If you keep good enough notes, you’ll never have to visit the same problem more than once.” – Barry Mitchell

Breaking into the industry

“The place you start might not be the place you want to end up…. but no matter what cybersecurity role you land to get started, it will help feed your end goals. Keep learning and get that foot in a door somewhere!” – Nicholas Aures

“Just do things and get comfy in the gray. There is nothing stopping you from taking your current tech role or passion and turning it into a security role. It isn’t easy to get into cyber at the beginning, but it’s easier to do it if you switch from a tech role.” – Ben Gittins

“Make sure you explore the various categories in cybersecurity before getting into a specific niche and always be curious!” –Ameen Uddin Shaikh

“Entering the cybersecurity realm is like stepping into a maze with countless doors. Always carry the key of curiosity—it’ll unlock the most fascinating paths and opportunities in this field!” –Adam Naborczyk

“Just start it, don’t just think. It will be hard, but in the end, if you are consistent with the approach and have a “never stop learning” attitude, you can easily grow in this field.” – Daksh Bhagwani 

Think like a hacker

“Think like a hacker. The best way to protect something is to understand how someone could break into it. So, dig into how systems and software are put together, and then try to poke holes in them (don’t worry, you don’t have to break anything important!). Figure out how websites act weird when you give them unexpected info, or mess around in a safe practice environment. Do some research on how attackers operate—look up things like malware, phishing scams, and all the other nasty tricks attackers use. Use this knowledge for good, not evil! Remember, you’re learning how to build stronger defenses.” – Mayur Parmar

“My advice for those eyeing a cybersecurity career—Dive deep, stay curious, and embrace the thrill of the hunt. Let’s secure the digital world together!” –Nitin Yadav

“Patience is essential. Try to think outside the box. You will achieve your goals.” – Abdallah Mohammed

“Never use abc123 as a password.” – Parth Prajapati