As a platform, Bugcrowd has no limit to the amount of amazing researchers who work their butts off to squash some incredible bugs, but every once in a while a researcher comes along and reaches a level that we can’t help but celebrate. 

We are pleased to announce our MVP Winners for Q1! Each quarter that goes by the team here at Bugcrowd continues to be blown away by your exceptional technical abilities and outstanding submissions to the platform. Thank you to our MVPs for making the internet a safer place!

Congrats to our MVP Q1 Winners! 

0ang3el 0xd0ff9 4rsh4n
abda11atarek ahmet al88nsk
andirrahmani AnkitSingh Anon_Hunter
bitquark bountyhunter bsysop
cinzinga Codermak codingo
d0xing darkc0d3 DDV_UA
DK999 doppler Elsfa7-110
erikdejong ethicalbughunter fogez
gregaai gujjuboy h4ckologic
HackerX007 hackyzh harrymg
hateshape haveaniceday healdb
huzaifa-hack Hx01 iangcarroll
Kanhaiya_sh4rma kazan71p kira_
lotuseater m0chan m0m0x01d
Melotover mert Mico
Mido0x0x Mr404ntf n1x_
n30 n7 nerdwell
noobsec nukedx omachi
orwagodfather P3t3r_R4bb1t proAbiral
r0bd4k R29k Renwa
restricted rez0 Rhynorater
s1k1nt1 S4thi5h sam_exploit
sandeepv Seaman sebd
Shahzad_Sadiq StarKrish sumgr0
sw33tLie testingforbugs00 theflofly
todayisnew Turki tuyendt
udit_thakkur unl1k3ly unstable
zer0h Zw1nK 29 Private Users

Please note: Bugcrowd does not list private users in our Incentive Announcement blogs. Please ensure your profile is set to “Public” if you’d like to be included in our next announcement. 

What is the MVP Program? 

Our MVP program recognizes hackers that consistently bring their A-game across Bugcrowd bounty programs. Reaching MVP status is no small feat as it requires them to stay at the top of the priority percentiles for the entire quarter. At the end of each quarter, we review all of our platform submissions to see how each Researcher compares to the rest of the crowd. Those that make it to the top of the quarter become an MVP and are sent exclusive swag rewards to celebrate their achievement.

MVP Qualifications:

  • Maintain a minimum average accuracy rate of 80%
  • Achieve a priority percentile range for either P1s or P2s above 80%
  • Submit at least four qualifying, non-duplicate submissions
  • Have no significant enforcement infractions for six months prior to the end of the qualifying quarter.

For more information about Bugcrowd’s current Incentive Programs, see our Researcher Documentation.

We look forward to all the amazing work the Crowd will do in Q2! Want to be an MVP? Get hunting!