We’re excited to announce the winners of our P1 Warrior Program for the year 2022! This past year was truly exceptional, as we received a large number of remarkable submissions across all of our programs. Each report contributed to enhancing the security posture of various industries. 

The P1 Warrior incentive program rewards researchers for their total count of valid P1 submissions since January 1, 2019. Submissions must be accepted, assigned a P1 severity rating, and marked as “Unresolved,” “Resolved,” or “Informational.”

Let’s get into it. We proudly present the top level P1 Warriors of 2022!


Level 5 Warriors: 50+ P1s

Level 4 Warriors: 25+ P1s

Congratulations to all of our winners! Finding and submitting P1’s requires a significant amount of knowledge, effort, and time. We are eagerly anticipating the remarkable accomplishments for the 2023 year. But, wait! We can’t forget the swag aka the best part!



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