Warriors are defined as “brave and experienced soldiers who specialize in combat,” so it’s that time of the year again where we get to announce who made it into the next tier of our P1 Warrior Program! 

This incentive program rewards researchers for their total count of valid P1 submissions since January 1, 2019. Submissions qualify if they are accepted, assigned a severity of P1, and are considered Valid.

Congrats to our P1 Warriors!

Level 6  Warriors: 100+ P1s –  P1 Warrior Wrestling Belt



Level 5 Warriors: 50+ P1s – P1 Warrior Hoodie

anhnt1337 bsysop HackerX007
cinzinga sw33tLie Private User


Level 4 Warriors: 25+ P1s – P1 Challenge Coin



abda11atarek kazan71p nerdwell
orwagodfather Turki W
Private User


Level 3 Warriors : 10+ P1s – P1 Sticker Pack

0xd0ff9 chitran cthulhufhtagn
Elsfa7-110 gregaai h0nith12
Kanhaiya_sh4rma Private User Private User
testingforbugs00 Private User Zw1nK


Level 2 Warriors : 5+ P1s 

0xINT3 Private User bountyhunter
c4ng4c3ir0 Detercan01 Elsfa7-110
fogez Gopalsingh h0nith12
justinsteven Kanhaiya_sh4rma Kaulse
Lana_98 m0ppi megabob
mkhazov Pikac_hu Rohit_443
salihkp sheikhimmi Shre_y
Private User Private User Private User
Private User Private User

Please note: Bugcrowd does not list private users in our Incentive Announcement blogs. Please ensure your profile is set to “Public” if you’d like to be included in our next announcement. 

For more information on our incentive programs, please refer to our Ultimate Guide to Bugcrowd Incentive Programs

We look forward to all the amazing work the Crowd will do in the new year! Want to be a P1 Warrior? Get hunting!