Warriors are defined as “brave and experienced soldiers who specialize in combat,” so it’s that time of the year again where we get to announce who made it into the next tier of our P1 Warrior Program for Q3! 

This incentive program rewards researchers for their total count of valid P1 submissions since January 1, 2019. Submissions qualify if they are accepted, assigned a severity of P1, and are marked as “Unresolved,” “Resolved,” or “Won’t Fix.”

Congrats to our P1 Warriors for Q3 of 2020!

Level 6, 7 & 8 Warriors: 100, 150, 250+ P1s – Champion Wrestling Belt + More!

1 Private User

Level 5 Warriors: 50+ P1s – P1 Warrior Hoodie

pratikdabhi 3 Private Users

Level 4 Warriors: 25+ P1s – P1 Challenge Coin

cinzinga grouptherapy
ahmedehane Ra881t
haxor1337 sw33tLie
darkc0d3 Mido0x0x
dr0v3r zeroauth
MuhammadKhizerJaved 2 Private Users


Level 3 Warriors : 10+ P1s – P1 Sticker Pack

AhmedEzzat sechunt3r
Bhagavan_Bollina HritikSH
serWazito0 JackDs
NeWaTiaHaCk W
cinzinga orwagodfather
X-Vector osama_alaa
arthbajpai277 xerubus
chameleon_IN reflect10n
akmall 6 Private Users


Level 2 Warriors : 5+ P1s 

saitej1539 Bitmap
wizoutsugar oxy_gen
blackopasif panch0r3d
cinzinga ByeFelicia
arthbajpai277 parasarora06
crixer Randomizer
chameleon_IN csanuragjain
sechunt3r saaanp
doppler samengmg
serWazito0 HackAndPwn
W SherlocksHat
HemantSolo sko
X-Vector Jiggy
xerubus sonahri501
Le_croise Surya_s
ajxchapman M0-Sadat
ansariosama visat
mnykmct WayCup
Anusha411 Moaaz_Taha
9 Private Users

Please note: Bugcrowd does not list private users in our Incentive Announcement blogs. Please ensure your profile is set to “Public” if you’d like to be included in our next announcement. 

For more information on our incentive programs, please refer to our Researcher Documentation.

We look forward to all the amazing work the Crowd will do in Q4! Want to be a P1 Warrior? Get hunting!