As a founder there is nothing better than watching the company I started grow and evolve. In the four and a half years I’ve watched Bugcrowd grow by leaps and bounds – the team has grown threefold in the past year alone. While our guiding principles, core values, and vision of the future of cybersecurity remain unchanged, today we have evolved as an organization. To use a much-used term from the early aughts, we are now very much Bugcrowd 2.0, and I’m proud to announce a brand-new website that reflects just that. 

Security is fundamentally a people problem, and Bugcrowd is fundamentally a people company. Our skill is in connecting two groups of people – business owners and hackers – that need each other but have historically been terrible at getting along. In many ways this connection starts with our website. is our meeting place – It’s where these groups come together, connect, share knowledge, and work together to make the internet safer. This new design not only reflects this, it supports it both now and into the future.

This idea of being about people extends to our internal culture as well. The new site represents who we are as a company and our personality, and who better to represent this than our own team! That’s why this new site doesn’t feature stock images of “employees” – it features our team, as well as our customers and researchers who we think of as a core extension of our team.

One of our number one goals is to be a resource for both sets of Bugcrowd customers – the program owners, and the hackers. On a practical level, the updated website achieves this by surfacing more content to the front page while the clean, simple navigation makes it easier to find the information these groups need.

I hope you enjoy the new website as much as I do. Today I’m feeling a little #bugproud 🙂