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Posts by Bugcrowd

Looking Back: Inside the Mind of a Hacker 2021 Report

In a world where cybersecurity threats proliferate at an unprecedented rate, it’s no longer enough to simply understand that risk exists. Understanding what—and who—is capable of defending businesses against such cybersecurity threats can make the difference between a secure enterprise…

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Celebrating International Women’s Day at Bugcrowd

Happy International Women’s Day! Each year, the world comes together on March 8th to celebrate the accomplishments of women and raise awareness of gender bias. This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge, highlighting everyone’s individual responsibility to challenge and call out gender…

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Complete Guide to Pentesting

Penetration testing is a key cybersecurity best practice. Most organizations understand the need for it, but like many things in the industry, penetration testing can be a bit confusing. This blog covers penetration testing 101, helping to uncover the basics,…

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2020 Bugcrowd Product Highlights

The Bugcrowd platform continued to evolve on our three key priorities to integrate better with your security workflows, provide security expertise on-demand, and personalize your user experience. Here’s a review of the platform capabilities that we built in 2020. Security…

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2021 Cybersecurity Predictions from Casey Ellis

Nobody could predict some of the wildcards that 2020 threw us (I'm looking at you, murder hornets). Even still, we're feeling hopeful that 2021 will bring better times, so we asked Bugcrowd's Founder, Chairman, and CTO, Casey Ellis, to share…

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The Difference Between Bug Bounty and Next Gen Pen Test

Last year we launched Next Generation Penetration Test (NGPT). It’s a new product with unique platform capabilities to meet organizations’ evolving application security needs as focused external threats grow at an accelerated pace. The next generation of pentesting can deliver…

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Zero Tolerance for Gender Inequality

Gender inequality in the tech and infosec community is not new. Women make up 20-24% of all roles in cybersecurity and face continued discrimination in many forms that inhibit their professional careers. Microaggressions may seem insignificant to some, but they…

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