For too long, security has been an inhibitor for end users. In fact, in our recent survey, we found that 94% of security professionals are more concerned about getting work done than about security. Security should not limit the business, it should enable it.

At Bromium we believe security should protect against cyber attacks, improve productivity, and allow users to do their jobs effectively without worrying about patching for new vulnerabilities or second guessing if an attachment or link may be malicious. We believe the only way to achieve this successfully is through application isolation and control.

That being said, we know that keeping our security product as secure as possible requires constant vigilance, so we are always looking for ways to improve our overall security posture. For this reason, we partnered with Bugcrowd to launch a bug bounty aimed at identifying security flaws in the way we isolate threats.

Security is paramount at Bromium. We continuously perform security testing on our products and this bug bounty program adds an extra layer of protection, giving us access to world-class researchers through the Bugcrowd platform. Moreover, Bugcrowd’s expertise in running formal bug bounties combined with the top-tier researchers in their crowd, allows us to perform the level of penetration testing we require and beyond.

Virtualization has revolutionized the way business is conducted from the datacenter to the cloud, and now security. Bromium uses hardware-enforced virtualization-based security to protect intellectual property from theft via cyber-attacks where detection-based solutions fail. The goal of our bug bounty program is to identify any weakness in the way Bromium implements hardware-enforced isolation such that the attacker is able to successfully break out of the micro-VM.

With application isolation and control, we contain threats to the endpoint and provide real-time threat intelligence so you can see what’s happening without any risk of breach. Our bug bounty program will allow us to identify bugs faster, to further strengthen our security model using virtualization to secure enterprise organizations against zero-days and unknown threats. Ultimately, our bug bounty program will help us identify and improve our security to serve our customers better.