Bugcrowd is constantly looking for ways to improve the crowdsourced experience for program owners and researchers alike. Today’s feature release accomplishes both.

While Bugcrowd offers full program management for all of our products and services, we also appreciate the value of flexibility and control. Sometimes this means making changes to program scope, rewards, bonuses, or even messaging, as and when it makes sense for your business. To help facilitate this, Bugcrowd has launched Self-Serve Program Announcements. Rather than request a change through Bugcrowd, customers can publish changes directly themselves. To encourage higher levels of engagement and activation, researchers subscribed to a given program are then pushed email notifications alerting them of changes.

What’s changed: 

Previously, all announcements (known as program updates) were routed through a Bugcrowd customer success manager. While this workflow will still be available, customers may now choose to directly edit and publish briefs themselves. We also wanted to be sure to provide you with insight from our experience of sending over two thousand announcements over the past 2.5 years, so we provided a variety of templates based on the reason selected for the announcement. These templates render markdown to provide table breakdowns of new scope, links directly to the target, along with a reply-to and link to email Bugcrowd Support for any further help.

Features and Advantages:

  • Ability to update on your own time as you see fit
  • Templates that make updates quick and easy, and ensure structural continuity between program owners
  • More direct engagement with the researcher community.

Announcement Options:

Customers can also communicate directly with the researchers on their program to alert them of updates related to new features or releases, language or scope changes to the program brief, reward structure changes, or announce bonus reward periods. 

Announcement details:

While researchers will see the update within the email notification and link from the bounty brief, the customer can see a full list of announcements with the number of recipients emailed within their announcement page. In addition to seeing historical published announcements, one can manage drafts for upcoming announcements through this page.

In addition to email notifications, published announcements appear on the program page as well.

Interested in learning more about this update? Read more on Bugcrowd’s Researcher Docs page.