Tomorrow is Juneteenth, the day that the United States celebrates the end of slavery. To acknowledge the history of slavery and better support the Black community, Bugcrowd recognizes Juneteenth as an official Bugcrowd holiday and has made tomorrow a day of learning for employees to increase their understanding of how systemic racism has impacted the Black community in the United States and around the world.  

We recognize that as a company, change must start with each one of us.  

Slavery may have ended on Juneteeth, but racism continues to be a serious and systemic issue. By taking the time to better educate ourselves and play a more active role in combating racism, we hope the Bugcrowd team can be a part of the solution to help build a more equitable society.  

We believe everyone should act now to better understand their part in ending racial injustice, hear the concerns of the Black community, and get involved in making a positive change to end prejudice. Below are just a few of the resources we are sharing within our team:  

Education and understanding are the first critical steps to turn this moment into a movement. Beyond that, we are encouraging Bugcrowd employees  to look for ways to support racial equality in their own communities and, as a company, we’ll continue to look for more opportunities to support diversity, racial justice, equality and change. 

Today and every day, please join Bugcrowd in building awareness, becoming educated and advocating for change.