Finding heaps of vulnerabilities isn’t very useful without a way to action them. That’s why Bugcrowd isn’t just focused on finding more vulnerabilities, we’re focused on helping organizations resolve those findings, faster. Today we’re proud to announce the launch of another SDLC integration that further enable seamless handoff between Security and Development.

Introducing: ServiceNow for Crowdcontrol.

ServiceNow is a cloud platform that automates workflows in IT, Security, Service Delivery, and more. Bugcrowd customers already using ServiceNow for a variety of other business applications can now leverage the same solution to manage some of their most critical, yet often entirely manual, security operations. This integration ensures Engineering receives all the information they need to accept, prioritize, and action priority vulnerabilities validated on the Bugcrowd platform. Enhanced submission data and baked-in remediation advice provides further insight to aid in rapid remediation.

Because Bugcrowd is also focused on enhancing our customers’ existing ecosystem, our ServiceNow integration is designed to support multi-instance setups. This enables you to scale while preserving your existing data architecture. Finally, our self-service model enables you to build and manage the solution you need, when you need it.

Rapid and reliable handoff between Security and Development is crucial for consistent vulnerability patching. Bugcrowd’s ServiceNow integration makes it easier to create and contextualize every request, reducing Security overhead and helping Development fix faster.

For more information, check out our product documentation.