Hello Agents, 

To prepare you for LevelUp0x07: Hack Another Day next week on August 22nd at 6pm PST, we’ve created a brand new Capture the Flag challenge with some very special rewards. 

This CTF is a web and mobile-based challenge in which players are encouraged to test their security skills and collect all 7 flags. Each flag varies in difficulty with the first flag being the easiest, and the last being the hardest.

Our challenge is based on real web and mobile applications and includes sensitive data exposure, authentication bypass, Javascript, and Android-based challenges. 

The challenge starts on August 16 and runs through August 22nd at 11:59 PM PST. Click here to check out our rewards and submit your flags to the program!

This challenge would not have been possible without the incredible work of Maxim G! Check out his Bugcrowd Spotlight to find out more about his work with Bugcrowd and the InfoSec Community. We love you Max!

You can also join our Discord and Twitter for more updates.

Good Luck Agents!

Mission Briefing: 

We’ve received reports of a worldwide cyberattack using a new form of ransomware known as WannaSpy. This worm has been designed to target hospital data and aims to delete all information related to COVID 19 worldwide in the next week. As such, the President has assigned this mission to H.A.C.K. (Heroic Agents Clacking Keyboards).

We need you to bypass their authentication and bring down their operation.

Good luck Agent.