The goal of Bugcrowd is to integrate the crowd into any security use case or workflow, utilizing the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform. A major part of this is driven by the robust API and outbound webhooks systems that allow for configuring capabilities  to satisfy your organization’s specific needs. 

The Bugcrowd Platform also provides out of the box capabilities for the most popular workflows and use cases. Some of these include inbound integrations with SDLC tooling such as Atlassian Jira or IBM SOAR. To address outbound needs, Bugcrowd offers notifications on important events via email or on the web. As these use cases grow in sophistication, we’ve enhanced Bugcrowd Platform Notifications with two additional settings.

First, you can now be notified on submissions assigned any severity. For example, “Notify me when a P1 is submitted” is one of the most popular features requested by customers. With this setting, customers are notified of the issue immediately, even before triage. This allows you to take action on the finding immediately if the submission is in fact a true positive. Of course, you will still be notified once the submission is triaged by the Bugcrowd team. 

Second, you can now set up notifications for multiple submission states where you’ll be notified for all submissions that reach the specified state in the Bugcrowd Platform. As an example, you can be notified any time a submission reaches the “Triaged” state, and when it reaches the “Unresolved” state (accepted by a team member).

Both of these settings are now generally available in the Bugcrowd Platform. For more details, see the docs here.