We are excited to announce our Bounty Slayer winners for Q1: February 1, 2020 – April 30, 2020! Before we take a moment to recognize and celebrate our Q1 Bounty Slayers, we do have an important program update: The Bounty Slayers program has been put on hold for the remainder of 2020.

We highly value the Crowd’s hard work to keep organizations and us safe and secure and want to show our appreciation through Researcher Incentive programs, like Bounty Slayer. Even so, we’re always evaluating the value of such programs in terms of what they provide the Crowd and if it is the most effective use of resources to enable Researchers on the platform. At this point, we have decided to put this program on hold while we focus our efforts on other areas to help benefit the Crowd like providing more educational opportunities and content (such as PentesterLab subscriptions, LevelUp, etc). We’ll continue to keep it as an option to revisit in the future, but for the remainder of the year it will be on hold. 

That said, we still want to honor and recognize our Q1 Bounty Slayers and they will receive a $300 reward for qualifying for Q1! The Bounty Slayer program recognizes researchers who consistently hit a volume of qualifying submissions across Bugcrowd bounty programs.

Bounty Slayers Winners for Q1!

  • Dipen
  • Harie_cool
  • todayisnew
  • 2 Private users

Each Bounty Slayer will receive a $300 reward for qualifying for Q1 and we thank you for all your hard work! 

Qualifications for Bounty Slayer

At the beginning of the year, we updated the number of qualifying submissions a researcher had to achieve to qualify for the program: 

  • 50 valid, accepted submissions at the qualifying priority levels (P1 – P4), non-duplicate
  • Submission states (resolved and unresolved) each quarter in 2020
  • Visit here to learn more about the program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to