Congratulations to our MVP researchers in Q3 2019!

The MVP program is designed to be a stretch goal. For each quarter that you qualify, you will receive a piece of exclusive MVP swag! The pieces get bigger and better with each quarter you qualify for the program.

Today, we are excited to announce the Q3 2019 MVP researchers and reveal the next piece of swag! Our next item is an awesome bomber jacket! Check out the design below.



3rd Quarter MVP Swag:


Without further ado, here are the Q3 2019 MVPs!

The following researchers have qualified for MVP for the first time and qualified for the hat and sunglasses:

0xc0ffee 3p1c
al88nsk alesandroortiz
alexbirsan alxhh
Anub1s ashish_r_padelkar
D1 d4rkm0de
dalat daniel_v
darkarnium darkc0d3
dawgyg Decoy
defektive delta0ne
edwinmolenaar fransrosen
fuzzybear h4ckologic
hakluke Hussein
Hx01 ibram
khoiasd jllis
jstnkndy madboy
maheshwark97 MrTuxracer
MuhammadKhizerJaved nomanAli181
noobsec omachi
PatrikF 20 Private users
ramsexy rceman
Rhynorater rohk
S4thi5h Sh_O_Aib
streaak taaminz
talko tsugumo
txt3rob vakzz
villa vinothsparrow
xct YokoKho

The following researchers have qualified for MVP for the second time and qualified for the shirt:

allyomalley badf00d
blum CharlieEriksen
darkieduck erikdejong
fyoorer Harie_cool
harishkumar0394 hpy
Lfb mackan
Mico musashi42
5 Private users RakeshThodupunoori
restricted rijalrojan
stefanofinding theflofly
x00x90 zeroauth

The following researchers have qualified for MVP for the third time and qualified for the jacket:

0ang3el Akmall
alexeypetrenko Bitquark
DDV_UA grouptherapy
hateshape HPx
MorningStar ngocdh
noob 4 Private user
W yeuchimse
Yonatan _n1_

Thank you all for your continuous partnership and fantastic work! Stay tuned for the fourth quarter MVP swag and the big reveal of the long-awaited mystery swag! At Bugcrowd, we recognize the value and take pride in rewarding our exceptional researchers. We will be sending out the order links shortly to those who have qualified for swag.

Visit here to learn more about the program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Please note that this is not an ongoing program. Results run annually from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

*This blog was updated on November 11, 2019.