It’s time to announce who made it into the next tier of our P1 Warrior Program for Q2

Q2 was an amazing quarter! We saw a great number impressive submissions across our programs. Each one of these reports helps improve the security posture across a variety industries. This incentive program rewards researchers for their total count of valid P1 submissions since January 1, 2019. Submissions qualify if they are accepted, assigned a severity of P1, and are marked as “Unresolved,” “Resolved,” or “Won’t Fix.”

Without further delay. Here are the P1 Warriors for Q2 of 2020!

Congrats to our P1 Warriors!

Level 5 Warriors : 50+ P1s

sam_exploit th3g3nt3lman


Level 4 Warriors : 25+ P1s

ethicalbughunter K4r1it0 restricted
rhyselsmore erikdejong Harie_cool
Hx01 j3ssie mert
noob prateek_0490 4 Private


Level 3 Warriors : 10+ P1s

AhmadError404 ajaysenr al88nsk
anggipradana anshuman_bh BeastHunter
bitquark Cipher_09 cmdsec
danzajork darkc0d3 DDV_UA
DK999 HackerX007 harshbothra
haxor1337 ifarhan Kakashi123
khaledibnalwalid kr3507 kuteminh11
malfunction manis Mido0x0x
Momonosuke MorningStar Not_Cipher
PatrikF Ra881t rajesh_ranjan
Rhishikesh ritiksahni tess
trippy_bhaiya txt3rob unl1k3ly
VINOTHKUMAR Zekv4n 16 Private


Level 2 Warriors : 5+ P1s


0xd0ff9 0xdf53c aakhadse29
AhmedOzil10 ahmet alesawe
alxdlv amalyoman andsnw
Avanish B3nac_Sec Bhagavan_Bollina
BillDemirkapi CyPH3R damian89
danieloizo debugit eur0pa
Fazlu FlEx gundy
HackerKhush imsushant JackDs
keomutchoiboi khoiasd Magician
Masonhck357 Neroli notmarshmllow
nthuong95 nullenc0de orwagodfather
osama_alaa parzel reflect10n
salute101 ShaikhYaser shino
webhak WebNinja zonduu
19 Private


For more information on our incentive programs, please refer to our Researcher Documentation

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We look forward to all the amazing work the Crowd will do in Q3!

Want to be a P1 Warrior? Get hunting!