Earlier this year, we announced our brand-new incentive programs, including P1 Warriors. The program proudly rewards valid P1 submissions and is an ongoing program that began as of January 1, 2019. Valid submissions are those that are accepted and marked as “Unresolved,” “Resolved,” “Duplicate,” or “Won’t Fix.”

Today, we are excited to reveal the badges, swag, as well as our Q1 winners!

Without further ado, let’s start with the badges! Here are the first six badges and their corresponding unlocking conditions. Additional tier levels will be announced later in the year — stay tuned.

Now, the swag! The program’s first two pieces of swag are sticker packs and challenge coins. You can qualify for the sticker pack by submitting 10 valid P1 priority submissions and the challenge coin by submitting 25 valid priority submissions. See below for their designs and stay tuned for additional swag announcements.

Last but not least, we are thrilled to announce our top P1 researchers in Q1 2019!

The following researchers have submitted five valid P1 submissions:

  • _n1_
  • Anub1s
  • bulba
  • danzajork
  • edwinmolenaar
  • HPx
  • JonathanBouman
  • Lfb
  • 0ang3el
  • Private user
  • Private user
  • Private user
  • Private user
  • Private user
  • restricted
  • th3g3nt3lman

The following researchers have submitted 10 valid P1 submissions and are qualified for the sticker packs:

  • Dipen
  • ngocdh
  • Private user
  • todayisnew
  • ugur

The following researchers have submitted 25 valid P1 submissions and are qualified for both the sticker packs and challenge coins:

  • hughesey
  • Mikee
  • Private user
  • Ssec

Thank you all for your fantastic work! We will be sending out the order links shortly to those who have qualified for swag.

At Bugcrowd, we recognize the value and take pride in rewarding our exceptional researchers. Visit here to learn more about the incentive program, and stay tuned for next quarter’s winners.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to support@bugcrowd.com.