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Control your Cache! – Bank Transfers Now Available

Control Your Cache! –  Bank Transfers Now Available

Over the past few months we’ve seen a record number of submissions, resulting in a record number of payments! While researchers have been hard at work hunting for vulnerabilities, we’ve been working on enhancing our payment platform. We are excited to announce that Bugcrowd now offers direct Bank Transfers worldwide! 

Why the Change?

For most researchers, choosing Bank Transfer as a payment method will lower processing fees and get money into their accounts faster. We project more than $100,000 will be saved by researchers within 2020 by transitioning to this new payment method! 

With this change to payments, all researchers are required to update their payment settings before they receive their next payment. 

Taxes are never fun. With our new Tax Form management workflow, researchers can now maintain their W-8BEN or W-9 forms in-platform. We’ve also improved the issuing of end-of-year forms to ensure everyone gets the proper 1099 or 1042-S to assist in tax filings (starting next tax season).

What’s Next?

We know how hard the Crowd works to make the world more secure. Bugcrowd will continue to work on making changes to our platform; getting money into our researchers’ pockets quicker, easier, and with more frequency. 

You can look forward to more payment related updates coming out in the next few months. For now, head over to your researcher profile and review your payment settings.

Need assistance?

As always, our support team is there to help you out! Email if you have any questions.


Michael Hamel

Manager of Strategic Initiatives

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