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Bugcrowd Acquires Informer to Enhance Offerings Across Attack Surface Management and Penetration Testing
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Unsolved Cyber Mysteries

Hear the real stories of everyday people who were swept up in extraordinary breaches, unexplained leaks, and outbreaks of sensitive data in Bugcrowd’s chilling new docuseries.



Tango’s priority was to secure sensitive transaction data for its clients while continuing to innovate. The company is committed to combating threats, bad actors, and security incidents.
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Rapyd wanted to step up their security posture by making security testing continuous. They have an interesting use case for crowdsourced security, since their core business is so API-focused.
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The public bug bounty program has not replaced any internal or external penetration testing schedules or private bug bounties. BigCommerce launched the new public bug bounty program to help evolve the company’s overall security measures.
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TX Group

TX Group AG is a media company headquartered in Switzerland. Through a portfolio of daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and digital platforms, as well as own printing facilities, it is the largest media group in the country. Since 2000, Tamedia has been listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.
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Cloudinary is a SaaS technology company. The company provides cloud-based image and video management services.
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Softdocs develops enterprise content management (ECM), e-forms and process automation solutions exclusively for the higher education and K-12 markets.
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ActiveCampaign is a SaaS marketing technology platform that helps businesses meaningfully connect with customers using solutions designed to support the full engagement lifecycle by enabling Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams to create personalized workflows and experiences that drive customer adoption and growth.
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Instructure, from its inception, has proactively published the results of its annual security survey to add full transparency to its security posture.
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