Do you know your way around Computer Vision? Do you have experience with machine learning or are you an algorithmic solver? Then we have the perfect program for you. Arkose Labs, a fraud prevention company that solves multi-million dollar problems for the world’s most targeted businesses, is looking for you.  

About the Program

As an extension to its public program, Arkose Labs’ private program is focused on machine learning and automation. By using machine learning to strengthen their puzzles, this program enables you to apply skills from academia into the real world beyond just a bootcamp certification. 


The purpose of this program is to assist in hardening Arkose Labs’ Enforcement Challenges through computer vision. They also accept algorithmic solvers and anyone able to bring in new analysis techniques or insights. 


This is an attractive program for anyone interested in computer vision, machine learning, has experience with image and/or sound analysis or is an algorithmic solver. This private program provides its researchers with data sets that are specifically tailored to be hard to learn. They are needing researchers who

  • Have experience with Algorithms/Machine Learning 
  • Individuals wanting to enhance their skills and anyone up for a challenge
  • Have unique approaches to image analysis or sound analysis
  • Have experience with machine learning

What’s In It For You

Looking at the world we are in today and the impacts of Covid-19, now is the time to get started doing machine learning work online. This program is customized to be challenging and is designed for researchers looking to enhance their skills and make a few extra dollars while doing so. Arkose Labs is willing to pay out extra bonuses for new analysis techniques.  

Want to learn more about the program or would like to participate? Go here.

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