We’re excited to announce our bug bounty program is moving from private to public! Dash is opening up its doors to more than 60,000 registered and verified Bugcrowd security experts around the world to detect issues on behalf of Dash and be rewarded in bug bounty payments. That means more vulnerabilities are discovered and fixed, and we’re all more secure as a result.

Over at Dash, we take the security and quality of our software seriously. And with good reason. Just in the last year, we saw that over $50 million USD was stolen in The DAO (Ethereum) hack. As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities is an absolute imperative. But demand for security professionals outweighs the supply. A crowdsourced approach to security assessment alleviates that pain point, harnessing the power of the Crowd in order to scale.  

As a security leader, we understand that to optimize our vulnerability assessment program, we need to harness the power of “the Crowd” to attract some of best, most creative researchers in the world to our security testing program and reward them fairly for identifying vulnerabilities.

With rewards ranging from $100 – $10,000, we’ve created a competitive scope and reward model and invite the crowd to “hack” the Dash blockchain, the open source software powering the Dash digital currency.

In the coming months the Dash Core Team will be adding components of a major update to Dash, called Evolution, including a wallet based on CoPay, which may be added soon. For more details see the Official Dash Roadmap.

Our goal is a safer, stronger network. We will continue to invest heavily in ensuring Dash meets the highest security and quality standard possible. Working with Bugcrowd and funding the best bug bounty program in cryptocurrency is an example of our commitment.

Thanks again to the Bugcrowd team and to the security community as a whole. We look forward to continuing to work with both in the future. We also hope that we can serve as a model for other security teams, especially in the cryptocurrency space. Given the globalization of the workforce, the demand for cryptocurrency will inevitably grow.

To learn more about Dash’s public bug bounty program and get started on it, visit: http://bugcrowd.com/dashdigitalcash