Happy Data Privacy Day!

Data Privacy Day is an annual awareness day to spotlight and foster education around online privacy and data protection. The National Cyber Security Alliance, Stay Safe Online holds Data Privacy Day every year on January 28 to commemorate the first legally-binding international treaty concerning privacy and data protection.

Some of the biggest tech companies in the world continue to highlight that consumer data privacy is taken for granted. Companies like Google and Facebook sell access to their consumer data to third parties for advertising. While this may be a means to an end for these big tech companies, even the most innocuous data points can reveal too much about a person’s private identity. We’ve already seen this type of data get into the wrong hands.

At Bugcrowd, we take data privacy very seriously. Today nearly every company is an internet company, storing sensitive data within user accounts, including credit card information and addresses. Because of the sensitivity of this data, these companies are increasingly finding themselves targets for cyber attackers, and most live in fear that they will be part of the next massive data breach. It’s also why we’re seeing more and more security conscious companies turning to crowdsourced security. With Bugcrowd’s curated Crowd of hundreds of thousands of hackers, companies are getting proactive, finding and fixing vulnerabilities in their code before the bad guys do, all while demonstrating their commitment to keeping their customers’ data safe.

At the same time, Bugcrowd is committed to keeping our Crowd’s data safe. Working with a third party to perform identity checks, Bugcrowd does not store any confidential or personal information on our servers. We only note that they have verified their identify and list the country they were verified in.

Security and privacy are paramount. There shouldn’t be any other way around it. Being at the helm of a crowdsourced security platform backed by the trust of some of the largest organizations in the world keeps us on the bleeding edge. It is our responsibility to guarantee maximum security for our customers and our hackers. Ensuring our platform provides a great user experience while  protecting their privacy, security, and anonymity is always at the forefront of our minds

There is a lot of progress being made in data privacy around the industry, but there is still a lot of work for us to go do. Data Privacy Day may be a one-day event, but it’s imperative to maintain good privacy practices year-round.