Today we are excited to announce Vulnerability Remediation Advice, our newest feature on Crowdcontrol™!

With Vulnerability Remediation Advice, Development and Security can accelerate the remediation process, introducing secure coding methodologies that help educate development, improve code velocity and reduce risk.

Vulnerability management is a security best practice, but true risk reduction only occurs when the issues identified are actually corrected. When it comes to application software, this is easier said than done.  Application development teams are focused on “code time to market”, and security is an afterthought. This “remediation gap” between Security and Development results in additional business risk, and increased operational overhead.

Included with every Bugcrowd program, Vulnerability Remediation Advice enables Security to pass along proper guidance for Development to accelerate the remediation process, allowing them to quickly fix the vulnerabilities so they can better focus on building applications and minimize the time to market. This new feature will also help as a training tool to advance Development’s knowledge of securing code and increase their ability to strengthen future code updates.

Remediation advice is provided for every validated vulnerability submissions. This advice will automatically generate in two new additional fields within the submission report – “Remediation” and “References” – based on the assigned Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy (VRT) classification.

With better insight and guidance on secure coding, developers will be able to quickly fix the mistakes while ensuring their patch is effective. Vulnerability Remediation Advice will additionally educate developers to improve their ability to create secure code in the future.

To learn more about how you can leverage Vulnerability Remediation Advice, take a look at our product documentation or request a demo