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Growing our Community – Join the Bugcrowd Ambassador Program!

Growing Our Community – Join The Bugcrowd Ambassador Program!

At Bugcrowd, our mission is to make the digitally-connected world a safer place. We also recognize that our strides toward making this goal a reality would not be achievable without the help of our Crowd, and are so thankful for the findings, creativity, global reach, and community that have formed out of it.

Our Crowd is continuously growing; and like with all the things we do, it takes a Crowd. Recognizing that, in November 2018 we launched the Bugcrowd Ambassador Program, to empower and extend the management of our beloved community. Since then, this awesome group has grown to more than 50 ambassadors, who all carry a common sense of ethics and diligence in their belief in this community, and its ability to do good.

Our goal for the Ambassador Program is to nurture and grow our security researcher community. We believe that by teaching people about the power of crowdsourced security and enabling them with the skills and resources they need to learn to hack, we can create more opportunities for everyone in the community to benefit.

Today our ambassadors are all over the world hosting meetups, teaching new skills, mentoring those underrepresented in InfoSec, speaking in the press about bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs, attending Bug Bashes, giving talks and leading workshops at conferences, and participating in our webinars and virtual conference LevelUp. The opportunities are endless for our ambassadors, which is why we’re looking to bring in more!

So what does it take to be a Bugcrowd Ambassador?

  • Passionate about mentoring and teaching other researchers
  • Breaker mindset, with a love of hacking
  • Active participant and/or leaders in a security community, or have the desire to be
  • A demonstrated interest in at least two of the following: Creating technical blog posts, public speaking, hosting researcher events, mentoring other researchers.
  • Over the age of 18

We’re still in the early days of the Bugcrowd Ambassador Program, focusing on investing in local communities around the globe and connecting with people in their geographic areas. As an ambassador, you will gain the opportunity to help folks in your own local area to learn how to hack and become bug bounty hunters.

Meet some of our Ambassadors

“What I’m enjoying most about the Bugcrowd Ambassador Program is the ability to meet new researchers that I can learn from. Security is a large topic so being able to pick the brains of some of the smartest researchers around is an awesome benefit of the program.” – Rey Bango

“The Bugcrowd Ambassador Program is awesome. It helps harness the abilities of various hackers to help teach the community about hacking and security, as well as provides rare opportunities to be mentored by some of the most skilled hackers out there and even ways to further hone one’s own skill set. When I started out, there wasn’t any central place for resources or mentorship programs. I joined the Ambassador program as I wanted to help the community and help bring resources to people who are barely starting out.” – Alyssa Herrera

“The Bugcrowd Ambassador Program has helped me share security knowledge and further the community at my school. More students are now interested in the industry, and being an ambassador while in university has helped me to work directly with students on events, research, and bug bounties.” – Rojan Rijal

“The Bugcrowd Ambassador Program has allowed me to mentor people that are just starting out in the bug bounty community and are looking to learn how to hack. It is also helping me grow and learn as a security researcher. By answering their questions, I can further validate my knowledge and/or research on topics related to the ask.” – Jasmin Landry

“Bugcrowd’s Ambassador Program has helped me grow the community, talking to people who have always wanted to bug hunt but were never able to because they were unsure or didn’t know where to start. It also motivates me to more actively hunt for bugs and share my findings so that we all grow together. I’m so grateful for this amazing opportunity to serve the community and make it bigger and stronger.” – Saub Srivastava

“Being a Bugcrowd Ambassador has been an awesome experience for me. It has greatly enhanced my career satisfaction and feeds my passion for teaching, mentoring, and helping others. Being an ambassador, I am able to share with others by teaching them web app pentesting so they can participate in bug bounties. I tell my students and others to get involved in bug bounties to get pentesting experience.” – Phillip Wylie

We’re constantly looking to expand our Bugcrowd Ambassador group, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, apply today!

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