LevelUp is about helping our community access and realize more of their potential, and I’m pleased to announce that we have partnered with Ricki from CyberSec People to run a resumé workshop alongside LevelUp0x06! 

Applying for a job is always daunting, and resumés can trip up even the most organized person. Crafting a resumé can be even harder when you are trying to break into a new industry, reaching for a more senior position, or have a “non-traditional” career history. Hackers and security professionals don’t always come from university or schooling backgrounds — our successes are hard won, and some, or perhaps all, of our achievements don’t easily translate to a traditional resume. 

How do you leverage your successes into a stronger, cohesive story that fits into the job for which you are applying?

We’ve all struggled with organizing our work history in a clear and concise manner. We list our accomplishments, fuss over the font size, spacing, and margins, and at some point we exclaim, “It’s done, I don’t want to look at it ever again!” – leaving an incredible opportunity to sell our experience to a potential employer dormant on our desktops. Ricki’s LevelUp workshop will help participants decide what stays, what goes, what should be included that isn’t already, and how to tailor your narrative to best suit the opportunities you’re pursuing.

How does the workshop work?

We have three simulated job descriptions that you can apply to by submitting your CV/resumé and supporting documents. We will review the applications and choose 3-5 resumés from each job to review for this workshop. Ricki from Cybersec People will be presenting some of the suggested changes during LevelUp and any resumé that has been chosen will receive a personalized response and review.

The three jobs to apply to are: 

Applications are open now. While these jobs aren’t real, we are looking forward to helping you leverage your hacking experience into a stronger resumé. Ricki and the Bugcrowd team are looking forward to sharing tips and tricks to help land you the job of your dreams and Hack the New Normal.

Don’t forget to register for LevelUp updates and if you haven’t been to our Discord, check that out too!