Some organizations are considering how the coronavirus pandemic may impact their crowdsourced security programs and whether they could become overwhelmed. Fortunately, Crowdcontrol™ equips your security team with several capabilities that enable them to manage high submission volumes effortlessly, including:

  1. Auto-Accept: rapidly acknowledge unique submissions by delegating incoming reports to our world-class triage team who will validate and accept vulnerabilities so your team can focus on fixing them.
  2. Auto-Reward: proactively pay security researchers for valid findings at any nominated priority level to streamline your vulnerability lifecycle and remove operational friction.
  3. Auto-Push: continuously roll remediation workflows into your SDLC with integrations your team is already using like Jira, ServiceNow, GitHub, Slack, and IBM Resilient.
  4. Auto-Resolve: dynamically update the remediation status of valid findings by reflecting fixes made in any of your integrations to save time and ensure your team has the latest information.

Understandably, organizations are cautious about increased cybercrime now that bad actors have more time and targets to pursue. However, a sometimes overlooked correlation between bad actors having more time is that typically, so too do security researchers. Crowdcontrol™ balances the scales by enabling your security team with core features that reduce operational friction across the vulnerability lifecycle. These include CrowdMatch™, our sourcing engine, which leverages a sophisticated body of data to help organizations match, motivate, and manage security researchers on-demand. 

Bugcrowd is committed to protecting your business continuity by giving security teams repeatable workflows and access to more expertise as they need it—even when it’s not exactly business as usual. Please reach out to your Account Manager, or request a meeting, if you’d like to learn more about the support we can offer your team.