We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new and reimagined Ambassador Program. We are grateful for everyone who applied to the program – It was amazing to see how many talented and passionate people there are in the Crowd. So without further ado, we are pleased to introduce our new Bugcrowd Ambassadors:


Abartan is a pentester, seasonal bug bounty hunter, and host of NepSec Sydney (currently on hiatus) who hails from Nepal and is currently based in Sydney, Australia. He loves to interact with new folks and to both learn from and share with the community. Abartan can be found on Twitter here.


Alfie is a Kenyan who is passionate about technology and is especially interested in how to build and break things. So his love for cybersecurity came naturally. What he appreciates most about working in cybersecurity is large organizations taking recommendations from researchers and implementing them. Alfie can be found on Twitter here.


Anon_Hunter is a full-time bug bounty hunter who is actively involved in the community. He loves going to international security conferences to gain more knowledge, but mostly to meet other security enthusiasts! He enjoys getting to know other people in the community and exchanging knowledge. Feel free to check out Anon_Hunter’s twitter here.


Chevon is a bug bounty hunter and a penetration tester. He started bug bounty hunting around nine months ago and got hooked on the thrill of finding bugs in well-known companies. Apart from bug bounty hunting, he is also an Adjunct Professor teaching Essentials of Information Security. Feel free to check out ChevonPhillip’s Twitter here.


D_J is a passionate developer turned hacker who likes to break things…and fix them, once broken. You can find him riding his bike when he is away from the keyboard, but he also enjoys spending time playing games online with his buddies. Feel free to check out D_J on Twitter here.


After many years of working in web development, glc decided to follow his dream and work in the security industry. After 3 months of hard work, he passed the Offensive Security Certification Professional exam in October 2015 and has been bug bounty hunting daily since then. Feel free to check out glc’s Twitter here


Carlos Santiago has been in offensive security for 8 years. His first contact with hacking was during his second year of college, when he became interested in finding simple flaws in web applications – like IDOR and sensitive data indexed in Google – after taking some programming courses. After participating in some security events and reporting some security flaws for large companies, he got his first job. Currently, he divides his time between a formal job at a Brazilian payment gateway company and bug bounty hunting. Feel free to check out Kadusantiago’s Twitter here

Kent Bayron, also known as @Kntx, is from the Philippines and has been hacking ethically for more than 3 years. “He loves security, is a self-taught penetration tester, a friend, and an observer who loves to experiment.” He is also Lead Penetration Tester & Co-Founder at Securebites Corporation. Feel free to check out Knex’s Twitter here.


Labda became addicted to bug hunting after starting a competition with a friend, though there were more than a few duplicates along the way. He asked us to include this: “You’re either a one or a zero, with Bugcrowd, you can be a Hero.” Feel free to check out Labda’s Twitter here.


lopseg can be found on Twitter here.


Matt is passionate about securing the Internet and helping others achieve their infosec career goals. He has been building and breaking IT systems for 20 years and has experience in regulated industries, like healthcare and public utilities. Feel free to check out nerdwell’s Twitter here.


prodigysml loves to build and break things on a daily basis. He goes to most Melbourne infosec meetups and most Australian conferences. Don’t forget to say hi on Twitter or in person!


pwn works at a large financial institution. For fun, he breaks software and infrastructures, keeps busy with research, mentors, and builds massive planetary distributed self-healing clouds for fun. He is inspired by those who blend academic and real-world hacks to be the outliers in typical threat models. You can find him on his website and on Twitch.


sherlocksecure is a Cyber Security Engineer, Architect at Honeywell Aerospace, and pentests embedded systems as well as web and mobile applications. He looks forward to giving motivational speeches and giving security talks at conferences and meet-ups.


sritarun3 has worked as a security researcher and bug bounty hunter for three years. He is interested primarily in advanced and manual exploitation of web, mobile, network, and IoT. He can be found on Twitter


udit_thakkur is a self-taught security researcher and bug bounty hunter. He has been interested in hacking and gaming since the age of 14. He always enjoyed breaking into systems and he has spent a significant amount of time studying security. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, playing games, and mentoring beginners. Feel free to check out udit_thakkur’s Twitter here.


ultranoob is a cybersecurity enthusiast and an ethical hacker who loves to travel and explore new places. He has experience in web and mobile application security and loves helping safeguard companies against threats. He enjoys bug bounty hunting and is always keen to learn about new and emerging techniques and technologies. Feel free to check out ultranoob’s Twitter here.

D_J and JR0ch17 are also joining Bugcrowd’s Ambassador Team. 

Welcome to all  our new Ambassadors and thank you to everyone who applied! Feel free to reach out to say “hello” and connect with our Ambassadors. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@bugcrowd.com.