We are excited to launch Joinable Programs, a new feature meant to make it easier for researchers to find and join programs that had previously been kept behind the “private programs” wall. 

With the majority of programs being “invite-only,” previously researchers were not able to see the full range of available programs, nor could they see what it took to be eligible for those programs. Joinable gives us the ability to add program teasers to the Bugcrowd programs catalog, listing the eligibility requirements that researchers need to meet in order to gain access to private programs. Logged-in users can also see whether or not they meet the eligibility requirements, gaining access to join the program immediately if they do.

Finding Joinable Programs is easy! Using the drop-down filter menu on the programs page, you can select Joinable, updating the view to only show these types of program offerings. These program tiles will display high-level information about the scope, rewards, and eligibility requirements. By viewing details, you can also see the basic target and program details, giving you a sense of what you can expect when you join. For logged-in users, if you meet all the program requirements you can join for immediate access! If you don’t qualify, the program requirements tell you what you need to do to gain access.

Another exciting part of Joinable Programs is that you can easily share these programs with others! If you see a program you know someone else would be great on, you can send them right to it by sharing the URL to the teaser page. The recipient will be able to instantly see the program details and the eligibility requirements and opt to join themselves. 

Being a researcher is hard work! Getting to programs should be the easy part.

Read more about Joinable Programs in our researcher product documentation here.