In the past year we’ve seen the Bugcrowd community more than double to more than 60,000 researchers, up from 26,782 at the beginning of 2016. With this growth comes the increasing responsibility to educate and foster the professional growth that our researchers seek every day.

This past Saturday, we brought together 20 expert hackers to share their knowledge and expertise with their peers at the first Bugcrowd LevelUp conference. The bug bounty community responded, with over 700 people from around the world tuning in live to learn about web, mobile, binary, IoT & car hacking. All of the videos are online and available through the Bugcrowd YouTube channel

The day kicked off with a keynote presentation from Bugcrowd’s founder and CEO, Casey Ellis, discussing the State of Bug Bounties, the future of the industry, and an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with the community.

After Casey’s introduction, we had Bugcrowd’s Head of Trust & Security, Jason Haddix, give his presentation titled: “Bug Hunter Methodology, v2”. Within the talk, Jason shared a ton of resources, including tips and techniques, and not to mention some clutch memes. The video is a must watch.

The rest of the day featured amazing presentations from some of the best hunters in the business. We received fantastic community feedback, with some members saying that this was one of the best conferences they’ve attended. I encourage you to check out our videos and learn how you can hack anything from websites, iOS & Android apps, IoT devices, cars and browsers.

Bugcrowd is committed to the security researcher community and we’re very excited to see the warm reception of our first LevelUp. This, combined with the aggressive growth and expertise of our Crowd, is a testiment to increased awareness of bug bounties across industries. 

Don’t forget to check out the Bugcrowd YouTube channel for videos from the LevelUp event. #ItTakesACrowd