What a ride! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our LevelUp0x06 virtual conference last weekend. It was a day packed with amazing content and conversation, and we are thrilled with the amazing responses we’ve received from the Bugcrowd community and the InfoSec community-at large! We streamed 8 talks over 7.5 hours, with presentations ranging from valuable tips for bug hunting, advice on resumes and career paths, car hacking and social engineering, as well as fantastic conversation on the hacker community. 

Did you miss the event? Don’t fret, you can check out all of our talks on Youtube!

Our speakers brought an incredible level of knowledge and experience. Thank you for sharing your time with us, truly proving the value that these conferences have in supporting the community.

Thomas Dullien | @halvarflake
Josh Schwartz | @fuzzynop
Katie Paxton-Fear | @InsiderPhD
Chloé Messdaghi | @ChloeMessdaghi
Rhys Ellsmore @RhysElsmore
Ricki Burke | @CyberSecRicki
Jay Turla | @shipcod3
Louis Nyffenegger | @Snyff

Our con would have been nothing without our on-air talent and moderators who kept everything flowing! Thank you for your insightful comments, conversation, and candor.

Stök | @stokfredrik
Michael Skelton | @codingo_
James McClean | @vortexau
Luke Stevens | @hakluke
Sajeeb Lohani  | @sml555_
Casey Ellis | @caseyjohnellis

Stay tuned for more announcements, LevelUp0x07 will be here sooner than you think. Want to continue the conversation from LevelUp0x06? Sign-up for our Discord and get to it!