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May 2015 Hall of Fame

May 2015 Hall Of Fame

It is time for the May 2015 Hall of Fame, and this month was a close race for the top 3 spots with just 8 points between 1st and 3rd place. To thank these individuals for their hard work, Bugcrowd is pleased to announce they’ll receive performance bonuses.

1.NahtnahS – 152 points – $2,500 bonus

2. Harie_cool – 146 points – $1,500 bonus

3. nijagaw – 144 points – $1,000 bonus

How does a researcher earn Kudos points? High severity bugs earn the most points, which is how NahtnahS got to the top – he made some great P1 and P2 submissions. Bugcrowd’s general guidelines for vulnerability priorities and Kudos points are:

P1 – CRITICAL – 20 points
Vulnerabilities that cause a privilege escalation on the platform from unprivileged to admin, allows remote code execution, financial theft, etc. Examples: Remote Code Execution, Vertical Authentication bypass, SSRF, XXE, SQL Injection, User authentication bypass

P2 – HIGH – 15 points
Vulnerabilities that affect the security of the platform including the processes it supports. Examples: Lateral authentication bypass, Stored XSS, some CSRF depending on impact

P3 – MEDIUM – 10 points
Vulnerabilities that affect multiple users, and require little or no user interaction to trigger. Examples: Reflective XSS, Direct object reference, URL Redirect, some CSRF depending on impact

P4 – LOW – 5 points
Issues that affect singular users and require interaction or significant prerequisites (MitM) to trigger. Examples: Common flaws, Debug information, Mixed Content

P5 – BIZ ACCEPTED RISK – 2 points
Non-exploitable weaknesses and “won’t fix” vulnerabilities. Examples: Best practices, mitigations, issues that are by design or acceptable business risk to the customer such as use of CAPTCHAS.

May 2015 Leaderboard 03Jun15

Great work in May!


Kaila Pollart

Hiker, Frisbeer, Cat Wrangler, Film Fanatic, Gaucho, and Account Manager at Bugcrowd.

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