Today at BlueHat Shanghai, Microsoft announced the company is partnering with Bugcrowd to pay out the Crowd faster. Bugcrowd payment processing means that anyone with a Bugcrowd account can now get paid for vulnerabilities reported to Microsoft’s bug bounty programs with the same quick and easy process you’re used to with your Bugcrowd vulnerability reports.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to build strong partnerships with security researchers and protect Microsoft customers” said Jarek Stanley, senior program manager with the Microsoft Security Response Center. “Partnering with Bugcrowd enables us to give researchers more options for receiving their bounty awards and receive Bugcrowd kudos points for their Microsoft bug bounty submissions. We’re excited to work with Bugcrowd to make our bug bounty programs even more rewarding for the security community.”

Bugcrowd offers several payment options, including Paypal and Payoneer. By offering both PayPal and Payoneer, Bugcrowd provides hackers several ways to get paid for bounties, including direct bank transfer and prepaid MasterCard gift cards, enabling them to choose the most convenient method. And because Bugcrowd issues payments every Wednesday, researchers never have to wonder when they’ll get paid. Finally, for those that collaborate on a submission, Bugcrowd makes it simple and easy to split payments.

Bugcrowd prides itself on providing the fastest payouts in the industry — today’s news means Bugcrowd researchers working on Microsoft’s bug bounty programs can get paid even faster. We’re thrilled to work with Microsoft in support of one of the original bug bounty programs. #ItTakesACrowd

Bugcrowd’s Crowd of skilled, trusted hackers have access to some of the top crowdsourced security programs, providing opportunities to hack on a wide variety of targets. Our world-class Researcher Success, Security Operations and Support Teams ensure our Crowd is set up for success every step of the way. Our team prides itself in providing financial opportunity as well as opportunities for education and community building.

For more information or to join our Crowd, visit our website. For information on how to get paid visit our payments FAQ or reach out directly to our Support Team.

To learn more about Microsoft’s bug bounty, visit their bug-bounty FAQ page