We had such an amazing time hosting LevelUp0x07 on August 22nd and 23rd!

This virtual event exists for the benefit of the community-at-large and would not be possible without the support and participation of you all. We had so much fun putting together our twitter puzzles and swag challenges. In addition to the great talks, we hope you enjoyed the CTF Challenge to defeat The Matriarch and the Secure Code Warrior Tournament to test your defensive security skills. We loved seeing the incredible submissions and enjoyed surprising our crowd with a few extra prizes for their fantastic work. 

Ultimately, this event could not be possible without the amazingly talented speakers who took personal time to help us put on this community-driven event. Their infosec knowledge and personal experiences provided fantastic insight and incredible resources to the Crowd! 

Did you miss a talk? You can watch them on our Youtube channel

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Thank you to our Speakers! 

Keynote: Understanding OWASP’s Amass
Jeff Foley (caffix/ @jeff_foley)

Intro to AI for Bug Bounty Hunters
Katie Paxton-Fear (@InsiderPhD)  

InsecurityThrough Obscurity
Matt Byrdwell (@TheRealNerdwell

Offensive Recon for Bug Bounty Hunters
Harsh Bothra (@harshbothra_

How to Do Chrome Extension Code Reviews
Breanne Boland (@breanneboland)

Zero to hero – How to crush bounties in your first 12 months
Luke Stephens (@hakluke)

Hardware Hacking for the Masses (and you!) v2

LevelUp0x07 CTF: 7 Flags Exploration 

Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) Roundtable
@n0tkat, @breanneboland, @farah_hawa01, @InsiderPhD, @them8triarch 

It’s not a vulnerability, it’s a feature
Bryson Bort (@brysonbort) and Jorge Orchilles (@jorgeorchilles) from @scythe_io


Thank you to our hosts!

Michael Skelton (@Codingo_)

Casey Ellis (@caseyjohnellis)

James McLean (@vortexau)

Luke Stephens (@hakluke)

Sajeeb Lohani (@sml555_)

Jay Turla (@shipcod3)

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Sadly, two of our speakers were unable to attend LevelUp0x07 due to personal circumstances. We’d like to thank them for their time and wish them well. You can look forward to LevelUp breakout sessions with them, coming soon! 

The Bug Hunter’s Methodology v4 / Application Analysis
Jason Haddix (

to err is human: proven researcher strategies for navigating uncertain waters
John Menerick (@projeknexus):  

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Stay tuned for more announcements, LevelUp0x08 will be here sooner than you think.

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