Since 2003, Movember has raised awareness and funds for men’s health. With more than 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas around the world participating in this cause, the security of the foundation’s platform is incredibly important. Like many organizations, the Movember Foundation ran regular pen tests. However, after receiving the same results year after year, the non-profit wanted to try something different. Movember turned to Bugcrowd Next Gen Pen Test.

Movember’s Next Gen Pen Test

Movember now runs its Next Gen Pen Test with Bugcrowd in early Fall to ready the platform for the influx of traffic ahead of the month of November. Bugcrowd also facilitates all researcher communication enabling the foundation to focus strictly on fixing bugs.

By utilizing Bugcrowd’s Elite Crowd, Movember was able to identify and patch issues faster and enable the small security team to enter the month of November with confidence that the platform was as secure as possible.

Bugcrowd was not only able to provide actionable results, but also include the methodology and reporting that the Movember Foundation uses for audit and compliance reasons.

“With Bugcrowd everything was so seamless: innovative testing, ease of platform use and speed of detection are all great.” – Marcus Nance, Delivery Lead for the Movember Foundation

Benefits of Next Gen Pen Test

According to Bugcrowd’s recent survey of 200 security leaders

  • 56% of security leaders are dissatisfied with current pen test efforts.
  • 70% of security leaders don’t believe their current pen test methodology uncovers priority security vulnerabilities.
  • 70% of security leaders do not receive verified coverage analysis with their current pen tests.
  • 85% of current pen test results do not seamlessly integrate into the security development lifecycle.
  • More than half of all security teams spend at least 75 hours per pen test to triage and validate the findings and results.

Organizations spend millions of dollars a year on pen tests, without seeing value for money. The traditional pen test model necessitates limited resource, with limited depth, on a limited schedule. That model is dead.

Bugcrowd’s Next Generation Pentesting (NGPT) delivers the only scalable model for sidestepping that operational and financial pitfall, while creating compound value across the business. We’ve baked our unparalleled knowledge of the behaviors, performance, and skills of a crowd of thousands of uniquely skilled Pentesters into our revolutionary CrowdMatch technology which enables us to rapidly and dynamically build the perfect team for every engagement. Fueled by the right team, for the right engagement, at the right time, Bugcrowd is able to deliver on-demand and continuous testing, with higher signal to noise ratio, in less time, with less overhead. With the added power of our specialized cloud platform, customers enjoy greater transparency and coverage assurance, direct researcher collaboration, flexible business process integration, and dramatic improvements to both security posture and software development best practices.

To learn more about Next Gen Pen Test and Movember’s program, read the full case study.

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