Bugcrowd has done it again! Today we announced an innovative enhancement to Crowdcontrol–introducing Traffic Control, a proprietary feature built to deliver a solution for secure crowdsourced security testing.

Crowdsourced security testing has proven to be a cost-effective solution for uncovering security risks for organizations–augmenting their SDL by addressing the shortage of security resources in the industry. Yet with any novel approach that challenges the status quo, it isn’t unreasonable for an organization to question the level of reliability and trust. Organizations and stakeholders alike want to be reassured that outside vendors are testing their assets in a secure environment, as well as delivering comprehensible testing results–this is especially important with the evolution of today’s security landscape, where our customers are expected to build upon their SDL, while continuously meeting the demand and innovative needs of the market.

“At Bugcrowd, we believe it is our responsibility to continuously build innovative solutions to support the changing needs of our customers. There is a clear market need for increased visibility when it comes to security testing,” said Daniel Korsunsky, Director of Product Marketing, Bugcrowd. “Enhancing our Crowdcontrol platform with the introduction of Traffic control, organizations can reap the benefits of VPN technology adding additional layers of security, visibility, and control to crowdsourced security testing. In doing so, security teams can be sure of testing coverage and communicate that to stakeholders and outside auditors.”

Leveraging VPN technology, Traffic Control helps organizations and their security teams enhance the security, coverage, and control of programs run with Bugcrowd.

Why Use A VPN?

Offering testing through a VPN delivers a simple solution for provisioning secure access to researchers and will help captures traffic logs, while allowing us to inspect SSL/TLS traffic to designated targets, paving the way for test coverage reporting. Reports provided by Bugcrowd help quantify the depth and breadth of testing; thus enabling security teams to convey security testing coverage to stakeholders. Traffic Control was built to provide additional coverage, control, visibility, security, and reporting for customers running our highly-trusted crowdsourced security testing programs.

  • Coverage
    • Understand the breadth and depth of testing with a program activity report highlighting the number of touches on each endpoint.
  • Control
    • Dictate who can access your testing environment with a VPN and work with Bugcrowd that helps suspend any researcher who infringes on the program’s policies.
  • Visibility
    • Gain visibility into activity on your program, permitting the ability to adjust the brief to help guide testing towards low-touch targets.
  • Security
    • Firewall off your testing infrastructures allowing you to provision secure access to sensitive endpoints for a selected number of researchers.
  • Reporting
    • Use the program activity report to highlight testing coverage, which you can pass along to auditors and present to stakeholders.

Beginning January 2018, our customers will be able to leverage our Traffic Control feature free of charge, as it is built directly into the Crowdcontrol platform. You can expect to see the introduction of similar, supporting features throughout the year. We believe it is our responsibility to continuously build innovative solutions to support the changing needs of our customers. Therefore, we want to ensure we release solutions that enable customers to effectively and efficiently solve their problems. Over the next year, we plan to progressively expand the feature functionality of Traffic Control to fit the everchanging needs of our customers.

To learn more about how Traffic Control can help provide your organizations with a crowdsourced security solution that offers increased control and testing coverage, take a look at our data sheet or request a demo here.
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