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New Industry Report: 2017 CISO Investment Blueprint

New Industry Report: 2017 CISO Investment Blueprint

What are CISOs concerned about in application security for 2017?

What are their spending and resource allocation priorities?

What does the modern-day appsec landscape look like?

At the end of 2016 we surveyed some security industry leaders to get their thoughts on the current state of application security and what is to come for appsec organizations over the next twelve months. We discovered that application security organizations are at a steep disadvantage and their current positions may not be enough to keep up with modern attackers:

How can CISOs and security decision-makers break this cycle and get ahead of adversaries?

Over the next several weeks we’ll be digging deeper into these findings through interviews with many the most innovative security leaders in the industry. Follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter to get the interviews in real-time and feel free to reach out to us at for additional questions or feedback.


Jason Haddix

Jason Haddix was VP of Researcher Growth at Bugcrowd.

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