June is here, and we at Bugcrowd are thrilled to be celebrating diversity and equality as part of Pride Month.

This month focuses on raising awareness about and for the LGBTQ community, and recognizes the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. Pride Month involves educating others while also shedding light on the challenges the community encounters, and taking a stand against discrimination while promoting diversity and equality.

At Bugcrowd, diversity is about more than just gender or skin color, it’s about the whole person. When we look to bring in new Bugcrowders, we look at the person’s full background, how they think and what motivates them — that’s the diversity that they bring.

And it’s not just the diversity of those within our walls, its of the Crowd too. Without diversity of thought, creativity, backgrounds, and experiences, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The very notion of how Bugcrowd came to be was in recognition of the diversity in creativity and skills from our Crowd of trusted, skilled hackers. After all, #ItTakesACrowd!

That’s why, this June, Bugcrowd is honored to be working with the SF AIDS Foundation. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation is a local nonprofit organization working to eliminate HIV transmission and extend the lifespan of those living with HIV through a network of programs and services. We are excited to be doing our part, thinking globally while acting locally, and connecting our community of security researchers and customers with such an important cause.

To help encourage participation, we’re offering exclusive Bugcrowd swag to those that donate to the fundraiser. With a $40 minimum donation to SF AIDS Foundation, we will send you our limited edition Pride t-shirt*. With $100 minimum donation, we’ll throw in our special Pride-themed pack with t-shirt, water bottle, and stickers*.

Visit http://sfaf.org/Bugcrowd to learn more about how you can get involved. With the help of your contributions, we’re hoping to make a real difference in community health and support for thousands.

Be sure to follow @Bugcrowd on Twitter to hear what diversity and Pride Month mean to Bugcrowders — those within the LGBTQ community and allies alike — in our upcoming video series running all month. 

*While supplies last.