When organizations think about a crowdsourced security platform, they often think about the hackers participating in these programs. The trusted hackers who we partner with are absolutely crucial members of the Bugcrowd ecosystem, but another key part of this ecosystem that few consider is my team, Technical Customer Success Managers (TCSM). 

First, a little bit about me. I’m Elle Green, Team Lead of the TCSM team at Bugcrowd. In this blog, I’ll be giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes of the TCSM team, so you can see for yourself why so many Bugcrowd customers cite “Customer Success” as one of our key differentiators compared to other solutions. 

What does the TCSM team do?

The success of a program is a collaborative endeavor between TCSM and Program Owners (customers). Our responsibility encompasses program launch, understanding customer needs, and charting a path for growth and success. Given the diverse nature of programs, we assess individual requirements to guide customers towards achieving their goals.

Technical Customer Success plays a pivotal role in the customer lifecycle. We assist clients in understanding the platform, ensuring brief accuracy and readability for hackers, align reward ranges with expected hacker caliber, identifying areas of improvement, and proposing effective solutions. Above all, our focus is on client satisfaction, consistently exceeding their expectations.

When a customer decides to partner with Bugcrowd, they’ll be connected with their Technical Customer Success Manager. From there, the teams will come together for a launch call, where we’ll discuss client expectations, program scope, brief details, and the launch date. 

The TCSM team’s role actively maintains the ongoing health of programs, monitoring their activity closely. It falls upon us to identify and communicate any declines in activity, offering our proposed solutions to address such situations. Following the launch of programs, it becomes our duty to ensure their sustained success, delivering the anticipated value to our customers. Throughout this process, our team is dedicated to assisting and supporting our customers at every stage.

At Bugcrowd, our top priority is long-term customer satisfaction and success, and the TCSM team is a key part of that. It’s my job (along with my team) to help you launch, manage, grow, and get value from your programs. 

In the role of a TCSM, it’s crucial to recognize that clients possess varying levels of expertise. Some clients have experience in the security field, while others, newer to the domain, may be uncertain about their specific needs. Our duty is to ensure that every client is well-informed about the features of our platform and that we offer diverse solutions tailored to their requirements. We are responsible for providing thorough training to each client, ensuring they understand their expectations on our platform. Above all, it is our responsibility to convey to each client that they are not just a statistic; their significance is paramount to us. During the onboarding process, we meticulously gather details to formulate the best solutions that will drive their program(s) to success. 

With over a decade of experience in various engagements, Bugcrowd possesses a profound understanding of the strategic levers that propel customers to derive optimal benefits from their crowdsourced security programs.

Communicating with the TCSM team

Regular syncs that are held weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, ensure that we remain aligned with our customers’ objectives. Maintaining close communication with each client is imperative to keep them on track and facilitating their growth on both a corporate and platform level.

Tips to maximize your investment in crowdsourced security with the TCSM team

I’ve been on the TCSM team here at Bugcrowd for almost three years, so I’ve seen the magic that happens when a customer works closely with their TCSM. Here are a few tips to maximizing your investment in Bugcrowd by partnering with your TCSM:

  1. Regular communication—Lean on your TCSM’s advice and join regular syncs to identify quick-wins and areas for growth potential. 
  2. Establish clear expectations—We are here to support you. However, you know your needs better than we do. It is important to discuss expectations because it would allow us to align with your needs and begin working towards a goal.
  3. Ask questions—If you require additional clarity on something, ASK. Our job is to ensure you and your team are comfortable on the platform. Our goal is to build a strong partnership to maximize your value on our platform. 
  4. Provide feedback—If you’re unhappy with your program’s results so far, let us know. If you’re happy with your results, also let us know. We will work with you to understand your concerns and goals and will develop a path that aligns with your definition of success. If your program is doing well, we will ensure we do everything possible to make it even better. 
  5. Trust—The end goal for each of us is to ensure you are getting the value that you wish to receive on your program. We rely not only on your feedback, but that of internal teams who may identify additional areas of improvement.