Crowdcontrol’s vulnerability management platform now features the capability for customers to add customized fields that improve workflow experience. Customers can add up to five customized fields to a program’s submission form.

Customized fields allow customers to align the bug bounty management process with their application security and development workflows. For example, add a field to assign specific teams to submissions or to help communicate which version of the application the vulnerability affects.

NOTE: The new custom fields are designed for program owner use, and they won’t be visible to researchers nor affect any data already submitted.

Here’s how it works:

Navigate to the ‘Custom Fields’ tab in the ‘Program Settings’ page and add a new ‘Custom Field Label.’

The new custom field will appear at the bottom of the submissions’ details as seen below.

Add details to the new custom field and save.

For a more granular understanding of the new custom fields feature take a look at our Crowdcontrol documentation.

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