Finding programs on Bugcrowd is now easier than ever! We’ve made it a priority to improve the visibility of our program offerings through a new feature: Discovery.

Our Discovery Page provides you with new ways to sort through and find program recommendations either through our Just For You recommendation engine or our Featured groupings. You’ll also see our brand new Program Cards that show you a teaser tagline, reward range and scope indicators. This new feature is tailored to help you cut down the time spent searching for programs and get you to hunting faster.

Just For You:

Looking for a new program but don’t know where to start? The Just For You recommendation engine shows you programs that fit your skill sets or offer unique challenges based on your platform activity. Using platform data such as submissions and program participation, along with your linked profiles and certificates, we’ve created 3 recommendation groups: Experts Needed, Try Something New, and From your Github activity.The recommendation engine provides the best matches based on information we have about you and is tailored to your individual interests and skill sets. 

Experts Needed: 

It’s your moment to shine! This section pulls in your top skills and finds some great programs where you can put them to use. 

Try Something New:

Looking for a new challenge to take on? Our “Try Something New” section shows you recommendations for programs that might not match your profile, but can help you to level up your hacking skills! These programs might just be the muse you need to get started in areas such as Mobile, IoT and API hacking. 

From your Github activity:

We know that every commit and pull request counts! You can now connect your GitHub account to your researcher profile to receive program recommendations based on your public repositories and activity.

Don’t have a Github account? Don’t worry! We will be expanding this feature over the coming months to include new 3rd party integrations to power more suggestions for you.

For more information check out our Researcher Documentation: Just For You.


Looking for programs with a specific target type or interested in hacking on programs with coordinated disclosure? Featured groups allow us to share recommendations based on different program details such as high-reward ranges, recently updated briefs, target type, etc. These groupings are sure to help you uncover your new favorite program. We update these groupings periodically so be sure to stop in and check out what new program recommendations Bugcrowd has suggested for you!

For more information check out Researcher Documentation: Discovering Programs.

Head here to check out our Discovery Pages!

Look out for more improvements coming to the platform in the coming months!