The release of our newest integration with Slack now allows you to receive actionable bounty notifications immediately!

Organizations continue to transition to an agile software development lifecycle in today’s fast paced market where there is an increased need for developing applications quickly, efficiently, and securely. Our platform, Crowdcontrol, enables companies to seamlessly implement bug bounty programs into their SDLC by integrating with their everyday tools, such as Slack, to ensure organizations release secure software fast.

This Slack integration enables organizations to immediately identify critical program activities and delivers easy access to Crowdcontrol to take action quickly.

How It Works?

Setting up the Slack integration is quick and easy!

First, configure the Slack integration on Crowdcontrol which will enable specific program notification to be sent automatically as a direct message to a particular Slack user, or a specific channel, private or public, to ensure the right people see the notifications.

Next, Identify and select the notifications that best fit the needs and interests of your teams.

Once set up, notifications will automatically appear in Slack. Dependant on the type of action, each notification will provide specific information and additional links to redirect you into Crowdcontrol making it easy to view the program, submission, target, or researchers profile (if public).


For further detail on the Slack integration, visit our Crowdcontrol documentation. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions, we’d love to hear from you at or @Bugcrowd.